About Us

The WATCH Charity, and Community Centre is a modern, purpose-built, community centre located in the heart of Hillfields Coventry.

The WATCH charity, and community centre was established in April 1998, after the devoted work of a small group of revolutionary local people, and was renovated in 2001.  The centre contains excellent facilities for for the local community, children and young people, space for residents, and groups to meet, leisure activities, and meeting rooms for hire.  The centre is open to the general public, and offers free internet, and computer use to residents, and aims to support people facing disadvantage, social exclusion, and deprivation.  Our youth activities provide children, and young people with the opportunity to take part in weekly drop in’s, and spend time together in a safe, fun, environment.  Activities range from; board games, table football, Art & crafts, and the opportunity to take part in informal introduction to radio training through our community radio project, HillzFM.

WATCH charity is inclusive and culturally sensitive and can be accessed by the whole community.  WATCH actively seeks support BAME groups who are culturally under-represented, and persons who live in socially or linguistically isolated communities.

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