Coventry Peace Festival

Coventry Peace Festival

During 1 to 14 of November, Coventry celebrated the 2016 Peace Festival with different events and workshops which WATCH took part in a delivered a range of different and innovative events.

Some of the events we offered were in partnership with Hillz FM radio and included a young people’s workshop called “My Peace of Writing”,

Young people  wrote scripts related with Peace Festival and what they thought about the Peace throughout different points of view which were then recorded to be aired on Hillz FM.

Local Resident and volunteer dj Kate Hills presented 2 community radio shows for the peace festival which included messages of peace and poems from Anthony Owen.

“Peace lamps: art and craft workshops”

Young people also had the chance to get creative by participating in a craft event where they designed and made peace lamps. The idea was to recover old jars and give them a new use with peace creations.

“Inner Peace: Mindfulness and relaxation”

It was a fantastic workshop during two days where everyone who wanted to join it could discover the power of the relaxation and to find the inner peace with the mind power.

“Unity in Community”

People came to WATCH Ltd and let some positives and peace messages.

We had some very special participants who wrotes lovely messages.

“Community Family Tree”

A volunteer of WATCH Ltd prepared a beautiful tree which everyone wrote messages related peace, diversity and reconciliation between communities.

The following Pictures show the different process since the creation the tree until it was filled up with the messages.

Currently the tree is on display at the WATCH Centre.