Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Examples of Interview questions

– Tell us about yourself
– Why are you applying to this role?
– What do you know about the job and the company?
– Why is this the right role for you now?
– What do you hope to gain?
– What are your strengths? Think about what motivates you and how this will be useful in this role.
– What are your weaknesses? Show self-awareness and explain how you have been managing your personal development.
– Do you have any questions for us?
– Examples of when you have demonstrated a particular skill.
– What are your career goals?

Examples of volunteering interview questions

– Please tell us about one example of your volunteering or work experience which demonstrates your commitment to making a positive social impact?
– Explain the details of a project, the impact of your involvement and what you have learnt from the experience. How has this reinforced your desire to be involved in the non-profit sector?

Examples of questions you could ask

– Can you describe the typical day and workload I might expect?
– What do you enjoy about working for this company?
– What way is performance measured or reviewed?