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How to Write a Covering Letter

Many job applications will ask for you to submit a Covering Letter.
A strong covering letter will make you and your CV stand out. As long as you can get across how your experience and your personality is a perfect fit for the vacancy.
Use the covering letter to demonstrate how you fit each of the required criteria in the person specification.
The covering letter is your chance to persuade and compel the employer that you have what it takes to fulfil this role.
Follow the person specification for how to match your skills and experience to what the company are looking for in a good candidate. If the Job advert only has limited information, then go and research what similar roles in other organisations expect.

Answer the following points to structure your covering letter:

– What is the vacancy you are applying to?
– How did you hear about the role and company?
– Address each point in the person specification and how you are suited to each requirement.
– For the overarching key skills and themes relate to your relevant skills and experience. By providing examples to prove how you have these skills that match what is needed for the role.
– What will you bring to the role? Be confident in your experience and skills and communicate it to the employer.
– Why are you interested in working for this company?
– End with a strong positive statement on why you would be an asset.