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The Do’s and Don’ts of CVs

1. Tailor your CV to the job specification of the vacancy you are applying for.
2. Read your CV out loud and more than once to check the information you include and the flow of the prose.
3. Proofread before sending it off. Try asking a friend to check it and use spell check on your computer.
4. Make sure you include up to date contact information.
5. Save your CV with your ‘NAME’. An employer could receive many CVs with the file name CV.doc do not let yours be that unmemorable.

1. Only put the relevant information in your CV such as work experience and qualifications. You do not need to include your age, gender, or disabilities.
2. Do not make your CV too long. No more than two pages.
3. Never lie or include false information.
4. In the UK you do not need to include a photograph5. .
5. If submitting online do check you are submitting your CV in correct file format. Read the application instructions carefully.