Racism and racial bullying

Racism and racial bullying

In recent weeks, our Childline service has been hearing from young people and children who have been affected by the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests in the US and around the world. These recent events are a painful reminder that racism is still an issue impacting the lives of so many. We have supported the movement on social media, but we know there is more we can do to take action.

At the NSPCC we fight for every childhood and stand in solidarity with Black children, Black staff and volunteers, Black supporters and the Black community who’ve been affected by inequality, discrimination and racism. It’s never OK and should never happen.

Any child or young person who needs support or advice can always reach out to Childline. They can speak to one of our trained counsellors who are there to listen and make sure every child is heard. If a young person in your life needs to talk to Childline, we’re currently running our counselling service between 9am and midnight.

We also have lots of support and advice for children on the Childline website.
Support and advice

We understand that racism is a difficult conversation, but one we must all have, and you may be looking for advice on how to speak with the children in your life about it. That’s why we wanted to let you know that we’re developing resources to support parents and carers in having these important conversations. We’ll be in touch as soon as they’re ready.