Training Awareness Session with Action for Blind

WATCH Team has had the pleasure of participating in a Training Awareness Session with Action for Blind.

We are currently working in partnership with Action for Blind at WATCH Community Hub, offering services to local people of Coventry.

The project aims to assist participants to access learning, training and job opportunities, whilst enabling them to overcome barriers they may face within employment.

Action for Blind works at WATCH with people with visual impediments, whether that be partially or totally and we wanted to learn and understand how to offer the most suitable and professional service to them.

The training was focused on understanding the difficulties and struggles blind people face in every kind of situation. Without this training, we weren’t fully aware of the different levels of vision loss such as complete dark vision to narrow vision or partial coverage.

Here are some examples of the different levels of sight loss. Our team was intrigued to try some of the glasses samples as shown in pictures.

It was very informative to know the different tools blind people use to move around the city on a daily basis, such as canes, dogs or self-dependent techniques to ease their impairments. It’s not unusual to see guide dogs in or around our WATCH centre. The session explained us that guide dogs are extremely well-trained to behave as a tool for assistance, and are solely focused on their duty of care and will likely sit patiently with their owner. However, they are still dogs and may like to wander or explore the centre a little from time to time. Whilst we are sure they will always be very friendly and unlikely to bother you, if you are uncomfortable with guide dogs being in the centre for hygiene or safety reasons,  Please note that our staff are trained and WATCH follows Health and Safety requirements.

From all at WATCH we want to communicate that we are committed to providing specialised and professional assistance and treatment to help pass barriers of any disadvantaged or impaired clients.