Hillz FM

Hillz  is a community radio station which benefit the local Hillfields community and also further afield across Coventry & Warwickshire. It runs with the support of over 30 volunteers.

The station targets and seeks to involve people facing disadvantage, social exclusion and deprivation, people from minority groups, and culturally under-represented;  those who consider themselves consumers engaged with and wishing to be informed about these cultures; and persons who live in socially or linguistically isolated communities. The service seeks to provide demand- led relevant media coverage for the large number of people who are currently underserved or excluded by existing media.

To achieve this the station provides:

Music which is mainly outside the mainstream a high percentage of this falling under the category of alternative or international. It includes music produced by local artists and musicians, and music for displaced communities in addition to specific genres such as soul, reggae and indie.

Programmes broadcast in English as well as other community languages such as, Kurdish, Polish, Punjabi, Hindi/Urdu, French & African languages. Community languages depend on community demand and availability of volunteers.

The station was established in 2004. Broadcasting live on its first temporary FM licence in June 2005 with its second transmission was in November 2005. This created tremendous local enthusiasm and excitement showing the potential for a community radio station.

Hillz has now developed a loyal following in the City particularly among young people and certain ethnic minority communities. We also have listeners in other parts of the country and in many overseas countries via the internet.